Used Cars You Should NOT Buy

One of the most stressful things to endure in life is owning a bad car. You might find out too late that you are not the only one experiencing problems with your car. But by that time you will have been in and out of the repair shop and spending more money than the car is worth, sad but true.

There are good cars and bad cars. There are even bad cars coming from car manufacturers that are widely considered the best in quality. It literally pays to know which cars fall into the "bad" category. In the following list I have compiled the very worst offenders.
I have written this list with valuable information to help you become a savvy car buyer. It is titled “Worst Used Cars to Buy”. This list comes from my years of experience as a Car Buying Specialist purchasing hundreds of cars per year. I have coupled my knowledge with the Consumer Reports list to give you the latest on which cars to avoid.

Here is the complete list of the Worst Used Cars to Buy

Greg Macke- Your Car Angel


Greg 252px a Greg Macke is a car blogger and author of “My 7 Secrets to Buying a High Quality Used Car”. He is a professional car buyer and consumer advocate working closely in the industry to improve the buyer’s experience. His high quality car buying tutorials offer help to the car buying public. – See more at: 

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  1. It’s definitely true that not everything is made equal when it comes to car manufacturers or even different models from the same car maker. Good insights, thanks for posting.

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