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What do I get with Car Buying Support?

Car buying support was created to assist you throughout the entire car buying process, step-by-step, from beginning to end. With our online guide, printouts, and videos, you'll have all of the tools you’ll need to buy a great car.
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Will I be able to identify a lemon?

Car buying support will teach you how to inspect a car with easy-to-follow videos and a thorough and professional car-buying checklist. Together they will help you identify a lemon within minutes!

What if I don't know a lot about cars?

Regardless of prior knowledge you will succeed!
Whatever your level of car knowledge, you will learn how to locate a great car online, know what questions to ask the seller or dealer, learn how to inspect a car, perform a test drive and negotiate and close the deal. Plus much, much more.

How will this guide save me time and money?

We will show you how to streamline your search process focusing only on the best cars and teach you important negotiating tricks whether you’re buying from a dealer or a private party. Also, you will learn about the most important person to be dealing with at the dealership, which will save you time and money.



“Greg is definitely THE man when it comes to help in buying cars. What’s most impressive about Greg is his huge body of knowledge about buying great cars. This is his gift, his genius, and it shows. I highly recommend this website where he shares all his experience.”   

Julie Savant – Denver, Colorado

“Just the thought of car shopping was daunting until I was “guided” by Greg, whose expertise and thoroughness cut thru all the usual red tape. Thank you Greg, for a pain free purchase of a low mileage sedan. I love my car!”

Dr. Kenneth Coleman – Chicago Illinois

“Having these car videos was the best decision I could have made. This website made the entire experience easy, quick and efficient. My next hassle-free car deal will be through this website. I highly recommend Car Buying Support. You can’t go wrong.”

Tim Collins – Los Angeles, California

“Greg essentially understands how to turn the process around so that we remained in control of the entire deal. We were so prepared for every step. The dealer had no idea that we knew so much! This information saved us thousands of dollars. Brilliant work!”

Brett and Nicole Webster – San Francisco, California

“Like most people, car buying for me has always been a painful, long, drawn out ordeal. This website completely made it painless, time efficient, and effortless. I was grateful to have the Car Angel at my side. I can’t wait to buy my next car!”

Sandra and Kurt – Phoenix, Arizona

“It was truly a pleasure. This site taught me the ins and outs of car buying. By helping me understand the finer details, Car Buying Support made me very comfortable with my car purchase. Knowing the right questions to ask the seller was very valuable. Greg is a great teacher.”

Aron Schindler, Kansas City, Kansas

“Greg was extremely knowledgeable and made my search for a vehicle stress-free. This website helped me find the perfect car within my budget, and helped with every step of the way. I highly recommend Car Buying Support! Thanks so much Car Angel!!”

Valerie McNight – San Diego, California

“If you are in the market for a used car, we highly recommend using this website. We would not have been able to find a car like that on my own. The inspection checklist alone was worth it. Thanks for an awesome car buying experience!”

Robert and Julia Niles – Seattle, Washington

“I wouldn’t buy a car without Car Buying Support in tow. I particularly enjoyed the videos on inspecting a car for highway miles. Greg knows his stuff. It completely changed the car buying experience for me – totally empowering.”

Wayne Thompson – Santa Barbara

“This website makes car buying (which can otherwise be difficult and stressful) downright pleasant. Knowing exactly who to deal with at the dealership made all the difference. I’d recommend Car Buying Support to anybody.”

Stephanie Lacrue – Portland, Oregon


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You can get a great deal on a bad car all day long...the trick is to get a great car at the right price.  This method really worked for me.

- Troy Diestal