5 Easy Steps To Maintaining a Clean Engine

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5 Easy Steps To Maintaining a Clean Engine
We all love to keep our car clean, but do we ever think about cleaning the engine? At Car Buying Support, we are experts at maintaining clean engines in our best used cars.
Why and How Often Should You Clean Your Engine?best used cars

Other than making it look good, cleaning your engine can remove grime and grease. This will help it work better and last longer. Cleaning your engine can keep it cooler since there aren’t surrounding grime and grease heating it up. It’s harder to detect grease and grime buildups and cleaning them up will help you identify any other potential problems. Depending on your environment, your car’s engine should be cleaned from two to four times a year.

Can You Damage Car Parts By Cleaning It?

Yes, if you clean it inappropriately. You should cover all the other parts under the hood including sensitive spots like the distributor, air intake systems, or the carburetor. Covering them with plastic bags or foil should prevent damage. Cleaning your engine with pressure-wash may damage your engine, so avoid that at all costs.

How Do You Clean Your Engine?
Here are 5 easy steps to cleaning your car:
  • Cool It.

Cool your engine by making sure it’s off for at least 15 mins before starting.

  • Keep Them Covered.
    Remember to cover all the sensitive spots with plastic or foil.
  • Brush and Soak.
    Brush any residue off your engine and let it soak for up 15 minutes.
  • Rinse and Check
    Never start your engine before you make sure you thoroughly rinse it first.
  • Run It.
    Let your engine run idle for 15 minutes to dry before drying.


Maintaining a clean engine is the best way to keep a best used car or any other car in like-new condition.

Stop! Read This Before You Buy a New Car

The standard price of an automobile peaked at just over $33k in April of 2017.

With prices of cars becoming one of the most expensive investments in life, it is important to manage your finances responsibly and optimize your options to get the best car for the best price.

Used cars are a quickly expanding industry with options that allow individuals to keep money in the bank without having to completely sacrifice quality. Below you will find 5 benefits you will immediately see from buying a used car.

1) Depreciation

The concept of depreciation is very unforgiving when dealing with the automotive industry. A new vehicle depreciates as much as 11% of its original value the moment it is driven off the lot. This means that if you were to buy a $20,000 vehicle, the value of the vehicle would drop by an alarming $2,200.

This is why used cars come at such a bargain. If you buy a vehicle that is two years old, it will still depreciate, but the rate in which the vehicle loses value is much slower. You are also able to avoid the initial drop in value.

2) Sales Tax

In almost every state, new vehicle purchases are subject to state sales taxes. This being said, it is important to perform research on your state's tax laws before basing your car buying decision on the savings from avoiding sales taxes. As a point of reference, in the state of Georgia if you decide to buy a used vehicle from a private party you are able to avoid paying any kind of sales tax at all. This can result in saving thousands of dollars.

3) Registration Fees

Registration fees are most commonly based on the value and make of the vehicle in question. In the state of Colorado, registration fees are at its highest during the first 3 years following the year the car was manufactured. By purchasing an older vehicle, on average you can find yourself saving just around a thousand dollars on a used car.

4) Dealer Fees

Dealerships are notorious for tacking on additional fees to new car sales. Things such as shipping charges, destination fees, and dealer preparation are all taken into consideration when preparing the final estimate for the car purchase. The alternative option, buying used, allows you to take on a much more controlled approach to the situation. With the proper knowledge on how to get the best used car, you are in a better position for negotiating and finding a price that is right for you.

5) Condition

Just because you are buying a used car does not mean that its condition has to suffer. Nowadays, most vehicles are manufactured with the intention of the car lasting a minimum of 100,000 miles. With the proper knowledge, it is very simple finding a used car that is "like new" for a fraction of its MSRP. If you are inexperienced dealing with automobiles, you can turn to certified guides and tutorials to help educate you on the best way to identify a good used car.



The concept of a new car is without a doubt, appealing. However, when taking into consideration all the additional fees that come with buying a new vehicle, the numbers quickly add up. By taking a moment to look into the additional fees the idea of purchasing a used car becomes more and more enticing. You might have to spend some additional time looking up some guides on how to buy the best used cars on the market, but you’ll thank yourself at the end of the day.

Massive Takata Airbag Recall. Are You At Risk?

best used carsWhen it comes to the automotive world, safety has always stood as a primary point of focus for both manufacturers as well as consumers. When looking for older cars to purchase, accident history and safety usually separates lemons from the best used cars on the market. Recent developments involving the Japanese automotive parts company, Takata has caused quite the stir in the automotive worlds. Reports state that the company recently issued a massive airbag recall, encompassing millions of different models and makes of vehicles in the United States involving close to two dozen different brands.

Reports claim that the primary issue involves defective propellant devices and inflator devices. The current issue causes debris and metal fragments to shoot into the vehicle occupant upon crashing. It is estimated that 42 million vehicles are affected within the United States, with 7 million having already been recalled worldwide.

When Takata first announced the defect back in April of 2013, it was stated that only six makes were affected by the faulty parts. However, recent developments from additional mandatory recalls have revealed additional affected vehicles across a series of differing brands. While Toyota has released statements noting that there have been no injuries or accidents in Toyota vehicles due to the faulty equipment, reports state that there have been an estimated 140 reported injuries across all brands.

With scares like this, it is becoming more and more important for vehicle owners to be educated on the full functionality of their vehicles and all the operating parts incorporated. To get all the information you need about the car buying process as well as what to look for when maintaining a vehicle, check out Car Buying Support to get the best used cars for the best price.

Don’t Buy a Used Honda Without Reading This!

The Honda Civic in recent years has undergone a complete design overhaul. The iconic car stands as one of the company's classic staples and sits as one of the best-selling cars on a budget. While many consumers look to the Honda Civic as a great choice for a cheap and efficient used car, many people forget how well the vehicle performs as one of the best used cars on the market, especially for its price.

As a general rule of thumb, Civicsbest used cars models from 09 to 11 fall under the price bracket of $10,000 - $12,000. 2012 to 2014 models generally fall into the price range of $12,000 - $14,000. Of course, when dealing with used cars, there is no set standard for prices as each car’s condition can vary, altering the final price of the vehicle.

When taking a closer look at the Honda Civic market, there are some interesting trends that can be observed. Prices for the best used Civics from the years 09 - 11, whether sold as a certified pre-owned model on a dealer lot or sold by a private party, are competitive with that of other compact cars of the era. Compact cars are usually offered at a lower price bracket than standard sedans but offer less space for storage and comfort. A used Civic offers a large amount of storage space without sacrificing comfort or passenger space, all for the same price as that of a compact competitor. Additionally, for a just a couple thousand more dollars, buyers can upgrade to a 2010 or 2011 Civic or Civic Hybrid.

Based on our reports, the 2011 Civic has the highest ranking in our used car rankings list, while the 2010 hybrid release has the lowest score. This being said, it is important to note that there is only a small discrepancy between the difference, however, these differences are worth mentioning. While the 2010 Hybrid offers excellent safety, where this model seems to fall short is its reliability.best used cars Critics hold the 2011 gas powered Civic in high regard, praising the model’s performance. On the other hand, critics claim the 2010 Hybrid release performs sluggishly, outweighing the excellent fuel economy the vehicle has to offer. All other models that fall in between our best and worst picks for the Honda Civic stand as safe options to buy.

While the Honda Civic continues to be an outstanding choice for a used car, it is always important to examine its competitors to find the best suited car for you. Be sure to check out our list of best used cars on the market as well as our guide on how you can get the best possible price on the used car of your dreams today.

How To Save Thousands On A Used Car In 7 Easy Steps


Buying the best used cars can be a nerve wrecking experience.

Usually, when thinking of used cars, several immediate thoughts come to mind. Was the car well maintained? Has it been in an accident? Am I better off just buying a new car? Our Car Buying Support tips will show you step by step and section by section how to inspect a car for previous accidents, proper maintenance, red flags and more. With this Guide, you will know for certain whether you should purchase or walk away from the car.

Our expert, Greg Macke, has over 10 MILLION Youtube views, over 30 years of car broker experience and has helped thousands of people buy the best used cars and avoid getting ripped off.

Now, Greg has compiled a list of 7 essential tips for you to use on your own!!!

Nothing is worse than going to buy a used car and ending up with a lemon. This is where we can help. Below you will find a brief overview of 7 secret tips carefully created by the experts at Car Buying Support, to look for when buying a used car to ensure the car you take home is one that will last the ages.

You can get the full version of these exclusive tips for free by signing up here!

1. No Accidents

Accidents come in many shapes and forms. From simple fender benders to the worst case scenario, a salvage title. Different accidents have different effects on the long-term survivability of a car.

Tip #1 It is important to note that many accidents that occur aren’t even reported to insurance companies. In situations like this, even companies such as Carfax will not have any data logged for said accident. This is why it is imperative to perform an accident check prior to purchasing a used car. 

Find out more about what to know about accidents here.

2. The Importance of Highway Miles

When looking for a used car, people most commonly look for cars with the lowest number of miles on the odometer. It is only natural to assume that the lower the mileage a car has, the better chance the car has less wear and tear. This being said, there is one major flaw in this assumption, the way in which the car was driven plays a crucial role in the potential lifespan of the car.

Tip #2: When a car gathers a lot of city miles (driving in the city), the car never has the chance to properly warm up essential engine parts, putting a heavy strain on said parts. This eventually leads to additional wear and tear and future, potentially very expensive repairs.

There are several other factors that you are going to want to know about, which you can read about here.

3. The Importance of Dealer Maintained

Dealers will often have a recommended maintenance time that aligns with the manufacturer's suggested maintenance times. 

Tip #3: When looking for a car, be sure to keep an eye out for a vehicle that is dealer maintained.This means you get all the benefits of the previous owners' maintenance without having to pay for anything. Learn more about dealer maintained cars here. 

4. Timing Your Car Purchase

To get the best used car a the best price, it is crucial to time your purchase strategically.

Tip #4: Professional car buyers suggest things such as avoiding car dealers during the weekend to optimize your savings on a used car.

More Reason: Find out here

For the full list of the 7 tips, visit our page here. Our tips can save you thousands of dollars and your invaluable time and help you buy the best used cars.

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