FAQs - Car Buying Support


If I don't know anything about cars will I still understand the material?

Yes. The Car Buying Support Guide was designed so that anyone, regardless of their car knowledge will be able to clearly understand the material. At every important step in the process there are videos that accompany easy to follow text.

How much can I save by using this Guide?

These steps were designed to protect you from buying an inferior used car and teach you how to identify an ultra-high quality used car. Greg provides clear guidance on how to spot serious problems and potentially save you thousands of dollars in costly repair bills.

Can I do the inspection myself?

There are easy to follow step-by-step videos that will walk you through the inspection process. After watching the videos, anyone will be able to perform an inspection regardless of their mechanical knowledge. In addition a printable Car Inspection Checklist is available to you.

How do I know this really works?

Greg has been involved in helping people buy their personal cars for over 35 years. His success at this can be measured by the testimonials posted on his “yourcarangel” Facebook page as well as the testimonials from this site. The Car Buying Support Guide is a result of the time-tested techniques Greg uses on a daily basis when he buys cars for his personal clients.

Can't I just get this info for free somewhere else?

This site was designed to share Greg’s 35 years of professional experience. This is the only car-buying site hosted by someone who actually buys cars for people as a full-time profession. It took our team over a year to produce this definitive Car Buying Guide. All the information you need is at your fingertips.

Will my credit card be billed automatically every month?

No. You will only be charged a one time fee. There are no additional monthly charges.

What if I need more than 90 days?

At any time during your 90-day access you have the option to renew for an additional 90 days at a discounted one time rate of $ 4.99. As a courtesy we will send out a notice that will remind you when your access is about to expire.

What if I have questions or suggestions about the material?

We always want feedback from our customers. We welcome questions or comments at . Your satisfaction with our product is our highest priority.

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase?

No. After clicking the check out button you will arrive at the Pay Pal check out page. Click on “Pay with a debit or credit card, or Pay Pal Credit”. On the next page you will be able to fill in your credit card information.”

What if I'm not happy with the product?

In the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied with our guide, request your money back within 30 days of your purchase. Please review our return policy.

Do you include instructions on how to best sell my car?

At this point we are in video development on the Easy Steps to Selling Your Car. We will keep viewers posted on our progress.