About Car Buying Support


My name is Greg Macke (Your Car Angel) and I am an independent Car Buying Specialist. I live and work in Southern California and people in my community hire me to buy their personal cars. In fact I purchase over 100 vehicles per year for my clients.

I am not a broker or a dealer. What separates me from those types of businesses is that when someone hires me, I locate, inspect, negotiate and close the deal on their car. Whether buying from a private party or a dealer, I represent only my client and I am dedicated to finding them the best car for the best price along with a totally positive buying experience.

After numerous requests to be hired by people out of my area I came up with the idea of Car Buying Support.com It is an online video and text-based guide that uses the same time tested formula I use when purchasing cars for my clients. I call it the “10 Easy Steps” and by following each step you will get the best car at the best price…guaranteed.

When I thought about laying the foundation for this guide I knew it would take time and extensive work to translate my 35 years of car buying experience into something that everyone could use to buy their next used car, no matter what level of car knowledge they might have.

This guide works like no other and is devoted to people who understand that buying a car should not be difficult, painful or mind racking. It offers you a simple and straightforward format to follow. I encourage you to fully read through the guide first, and then when you are ready, follow each step as you go through the car buying process.

Car Buying Support takes the guesswork out of knowing whether a car is good or bad and guides you through the process with ease and confidence. This video and text based guide is for real people wanting real advice on how to go about the process of purchasing a high quality used car. Start to finish, in 10 easy steps.

Greg Macke,
Car Buying Support