Massive Takata Airbag Recall. Are You At Risk?

best used carsWhen it comes to the automotive world, safety has always stood as a primary point of focus for both manufacturers as well as consumers. When looking for older cars to purchase, accident history and safety usually separates lemons from the best used cars on the market. Recent developments involving the Japanese automotive parts company, Takata has caused quite the stir in the automotive worlds. Reports state that the company recently issued a massive airbag recall, encompassing millions of different models and makes of vehicles in the United States involving close to two dozen different brands.

Reports claim that the primary issue involves defective propellant devices and inflator devices. The current issue causes debris and metal fragments to shoot into the vehicle occupant upon crashing. It is estimated that 42 million vehicles are affected within the United States, with 7 million having already been recalled worldwide.

When Takata first announced the defect back in April of 2013, it was stated that only six makes were affected by the faulty parts. However, recent developments from additional mandatory recalls have revealed additional affected vehicles across a series of differing brands. While Toyota has released statements noting that there have been no injuries or accidents in Toyota vehicles due to the faulty equipment, reports state that there have been an estimated 140 reported injuries across all brands.

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