How To Save Thousands On A Used Car In 7 Easy Steps


Buying the best used cars can be a nerve wracking experience.

Usually, when thinking of used cars, several immediate thoughts come to mind. Was the car well maintained? Has it been in an accident? Am I better off just buying a new car?

Our Car Buying Support tips will show you step by step and section by section how to inspect a car for previous accidents, proper maintenance, red flags and more. With this Guide, you will know for certain whether you should purchase or walk away from the car.

Our expert, Greg Macke, has over 15 MILLION Youtube views, over 30 years of car broker experience and has helped thousands of people buy the best used cars and avoid getting ripped off.

Now, Greg has compiled a list of 7 essential tips for you to use on your own!!!

Nothing is worse than going to buy a used car and ending up with a lemon. This is where we can help. Below you will find a brief overview of 7 secret tips carefully created by the experts at Car Buying Support, to look for when buying a used car to ensure the car you take home is one that will last the ages.

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1. No Accidents

Accidents come in many shapes and forms. From simple fender benders to the worst case scenario, a salvage title. Different accidents have different effects on the long-term survivability of a car.

Tip #1 It is important to note that many accidents that occur aren’t even reported to insurance companies. In situations like this, even companies such as Carfax will not have any data logged for said accident. This is why it is imperative to perform an accident check prior to purchasing a used car. 

Find out more about what to know about accidents here.

2. The Importance of Highway Miles

When looking for a used car, people most commonly look for cars with the lowest number of miles on the odometer. It is only natural to assume that the lower the mileage a car has, the better chance the car has less wear and tear. This being said, there is one major flaw in this assumption, the way in which the car was driven plays a crucial role in the potential lifespan of the car.

Tip #2: When a car gathers a lot of city miles (driving in the city), the car never has the chance to properly warm up essential engine parts, putting a heavy strain on said parts. This eventually leads to additional wear and tear and future, potentially very expensive repairs.

There are several other factors that you are going to want to know about, which you can read about here.

3. The Importance of Dealer Maintained

Dealers will often have a recommended maintenance time that aligns with the manufacturer's suggested maintenance times. 

Tip #3: When looking for a car, be sure to keep an eye out for a vehicle that is dealer maintained.This means you get all the benefits of the previous owners' maintenance without having to pay for anything. Learn more about dealer maintained cars here. 

4. Timing Your Car Purchase

To get the best used car a the best price, it is crucial to time your purchase strategically.

Tip #4: Professional car buyers suggest things such as avoiding car dealers during the weekend to optimize your savings on a used car.

More Reason: Find out here

For the full list of the 7 tips, visit our page here. Our tips can save you thousands of dollars and your invaluable time and help you buy the best used cars.

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Greg 252px a Greg Macke is a car blogger and author of “My 7 Secrets to Buying a High Quality Used Car”. He is a professional car buyer and consumer advocate working closely in the industry to improve the buyer’s experience. His high quality car buying tutorials offer help to the car buying public. – See more at: https://carbuyingsupport.com

18 Comments on “How To Save Thousands On A Used Car In 7 Easy Steps

  1. I like that you suggest getting an accident check before buying a pre-owned car. My daughter is turning 16 next month, and my wife and I want to buy her a cheap car that she can drive through the rest of high school. I will keep this in mind while we are picking the best car for her.

  2. It makes sense that you said that the way the car is driven is what is important. I drive in the city a lot so it will put more strain on parts of my car. I will make sure when I look for a car to consider the way it was driven.

  3. It’s good that you mentioned to buy used cars during the weekdays instead of during the weekend. My wife and I are looking to get our son his first car and we want to get a car for as cheap as possible. I’ll be sure to go with my wife and son to a dealership on a weekday instead of a weekend.

  4. That’s interesting that the day you buy the car could affect the price. I feel like it would be good to do some research to see when the prices are lowest if you are planning on getting a new car. I’ll have to make sure to do that when it comes time to replace my old car with a new used one.

  5. I went through all the steps you provided in your blog to save money on used car and I really like the concept which you share with your audience. Thanks

  6. I like how you advised people to get a car that is dealer-maintained in order to keep the benefits from the previous owners’ maintenance. I want to buy a pre-owned car for my brother for Christmas. I’ve never done it before so I wasn’t sure about what to look for in a car. This will be my brother’s first car so I will try and find one that is dealer-maintained so that he can hopefully get good deals when it’ll need maintenance.

  7. My son has been saving up for a long time and wants to buy his first car. I’ll let him know that it’s important for him to check the car history to make sure there are no accidents in it’s past. Accidents can cause serious issues with cars and limit the number of miles you can get out of them.

  8. I like how you mentioned that you should find a used car that is dealer maintained. My wife and I are wanting to get another car and we were wondering what we should look for. I’ll be sure to look for a used car that is dealer maintained.

  9. I had no idea that it was better for a car to drive highway miles because it allows the car to warm up. My brother is looking to buy a used car for his daughter. I’ll pass this tip onto him, so he can know what to ask about when he finds a used car dealership to go to.

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