A New or Used Car

...Which One Should YOU Buy?

There are very clear advantages and disadvantages to buying a new or used car.

In this article I will explain the main differences between the two. But first here is my video on the "Sweet Spot" of car ownership.


Care free ownership
No previous owner maintenance records to look through
Guaranteed accident-free car
No need for a mechanical or accident inspection at time of purchase
Lowest financing rate from the bank if you are borrowing
Lower maintenance requirements
Latest technology
New car warranty


Must be bought at a dealership
Much more expensive than a used car
Higher cost of depreciation versus a used car
Unhealthy off gassing of the car interior plastic, glues and resin



Drastically reduced price
Less depreciation
Lower cost of ownership
Possibility of buying from a private party
Better extended engine and transmission warranty (if bought as a Certified car)


Higher risk of repair due to aging and miles
Possibility of previous accident and or abuse
Higher interest rate from the bank if you are borrowing money
Need for a physical and mechanical inspection by a specialist before purchase
Outdated technology

I would recommend that you review the above and highlight the most important aspects of your car purchase. Click here for the full article I wrote on whether you should buy a new or used car.

Happy car buying,
Greg Macke - Your Car Angel


Greg 252px a Greg Macke is a car blogger and author of “My 7 Secrets to Buying a High Quality Used Car”. He is a professional car buyer and consumer advocate working closely in the industry to improve the buyer’s experience. His high quality car buying tutorials offer help to the car buying public. – See more at: https://carbuyingsupport.com/


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  1. I’m going to buy my first car soon. I think I’ll get a new car, because like you said, they don’t require lots of maintenance and have warranties. Also, I like that newer cars have updated technology that you won’t always find in used cars.

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