5 Easy Steps To Maintaining a Clean Engine

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We all love to keep our car clean, but do we ever think about cleaning the engine? At Car Buying Support, we are experts at maintaining clean engines in our best used cars.
Why and How Often Should You Clean Your Engine?best used cars

Other than making it look good, cleaning your engine can remove grime and grease. This will help it look better but also identify any leaks that surface. Cleaning your engine can keep it cooler since there isn't grease, which can act as an insulator covering the engine. Your car’s engine and the engine bay should be cleaned once a year. But is it safe? ...

Can You Damage Car Parts By Cleaning It?

Yes, if you clean it inappropriately. You should cover all the other parts under the hood including sensitive spots like the distributor, air intake systems,, key electrical components and connections. Be aware that older engines with distributor caps tend to get water penetration, so best to avoid those engines. Covering key areas with heavy duty foil should prevent damage. Covering the alternator with foil is not advisable due to the open positive lead and ground connections. Just avoid spraying directly into the alternator and you will be fine. All other electrical connections will need to be first brushed off and then coated with WD-40. That will help with any water intrusion. Cleaning your engine with a pressure-washer should be used with caution as it may damage your engine if your engine is hot. Be careful with the hot exhaust manifold which can warp if it is the engine is too hot and then gets hit with cold water. Also to avoid water penetration don't get too close with the sprayer on anything electrical.

How Do You Clean Your Engine?

Here are 5 easy steps to cleaning your car:
  • Cool It. Warm is good but never spray a hot engine.

       Cool your engine by making sure it’s off for at least 15 mins before starting.

  • Keep Them Covered.
    Remember to first brush then spray WD-40 and then cover all the sensitive spots with foil. The mass air flow sensor is the most vulnerable.
  • Spray and Soak.
    Spray all purpose on the engine and let soak for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse and Check
    Never start your engine before you make sure you thoroughly rinse it first.
  • Run It.
    Let your engine run idle for 15 minutes to self dry before wiping down and then after cooling down apply a good dressing such as Stoner Trim Shine.


Maintaining a clean engine is the best way to keep a car in like-new condition.

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  1. I never knew that you should wait 15 minutes to cool off your engine before cleaning it. Since winter is here, I want to preserve my engine so my car doesn’t die on me in a blizzard. I’ll have to research more about keeping your engine.

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